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How to Properly Install an Audio Amplifier

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I will give you some hands-on tips for installing audio amplifiers. An audio amplifier is the crucial link between your audio source and your loudspeakers. Without an amplifier, you would not be able to listen to music. However, some speakers already have a built-in amplifier. Examples of such speakers are active speakers which are mostly used in recording studios or monitor speakers. Another type of active speakers are PC speakers. You don’t realize it but in fact PC speakers do have an amplifier built-in although usually a fairly inexpensive one. Without an amplifier, the speakers simply wouldn’t work.

high-quality wireless speakers

If you don’t have active speakers then you will have to purchase a dedicated amplifier. Obviously, some devices such as home theater AV receivers do have amplifiers built-in to the receiver itself. In fact, if you do …


How to Recover Your Music from a Scratched up CD

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CDs have revolutionized the music industry a decade ago. Prior to the CD, music albums have dominated the market. However, the CD has improved the audio quality tremendously. Therefore, within a few years, traditional albums have almost been completely replaced by the CD. Music on a CD is stored in digital format. As a result, the audio will be reproduced perfectly regardless of whether there’s dust or slight scratches. One of the reasons for this is that a CD incorporates a sophisticated audio correction scheme. This scheme is able to correct errors that are read and therefore guarantee optimal musical reproduction.

However, this error correction only works to certain degree. If there are too many scratches then even this sophisticated error correction scheme is unable to cope with the amount of problems. …


How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck When Purchasing a Pair of Cordless Speakers

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If you are in the market for a pair of wireless speakers, then follow the below tips in order to get the best bang for your buck. It is often confusing to find the right product. I will try to offer some insights into different speaker technologies and try to help you navigate the maze of different models. Don’t be scared by some of the technical terms in this post. If you’re not familiar with any particular term then I suggest you visit Wikipedia to find definitions.

stereo wireless speakers

I will start talking about multiroom speaker system such as systems from Sonos. These systems have the advantage of allowing you to configure individual zones of each cordless speaker. You can configure a zone either by using …


Some Tips for Setting up a Home Theater System

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Home theater systems nowadays have become advanced enough to be a real alternative to the movie-going experience. In fact some people have taken the idea of home theater to the limit by installing movie-theater-sized screens in the home. However, you don’t have to go to that extreme in order to maximize your movie-watching experience at home. Just follow the below tips and you should be all set.

In order to optimize your home theater experience, it is important to purchase decent loudspeakers. The loudspeakers will be crucial in creating the audio experience. Also, make sure you purchase a decent TV or alternatively a good projector. A projector has the advantage that it is usually less expensive when you project to a large screen compared to a similarly-sized-screen television. However, projectors usually only work …


Some Tips for Using a Smart Phone

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I’m going to look at smart phones in this post. These days, there are two dominant players in the area of smart phones when it comes to the operating system. The first player is Apple. Apple has released several models of the iPhone. The iPhone enjoys about 30% of the market share of smart phones. It’s using a proprietary operating system designed by Apple. That means that applications which are designed for the iPhone do not work on phones from any other manufacturer. Nonetheless people have started adopting the iPhone especially the new iPhone 6. The latest iPhone is much bigger than the previous models. It’s following a trend in cell phones in general. That is people nowadays prefer larger phones over small ones. The large phones of the advantage of apps being easily accessible …